Monday, June 9, 2008

Are You A "Toy" Collector???

Have you ever rummaged through a flea market or antiques store looking for that perfect vintage Steiff bear to add to your collection? If you have, you might just be a toy collector. Now before I get my head torn off for calling teddy bears "toys" instead of soft sculpture, let me remind you that the teddies of times past were indeed created as children's play things and were basic compared to today's artistic teddy bear creations. As I have always been a fan of the teddy bear, I am pleased to announce that I am now a forum moderator at a fantastic new website called Toy Collector. The website is set up for collector's of all different types of toys from antiques to modern pieces, from die cast cars, dolls & teddy bears to sailboats, construction sets & toy soldiers. There is a forum to chat with other members, an area for members to post pics and videos of their collections, an events calendar & even a section for member blogs! I moderate the Teddy Bears/Soft Toys section of the forum, with fellow bear fanatic Steiffi and we both hope that you will pay us a visit. We can never have too many members! So without further adieu, I present to you,

Bear Hugs,

My T.B. Hug

Art By Paulina Cassidy

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