Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Bit About Myself

I just wanna share a little info about myself. My name is Jeremy, I am 25 years old and currently live in Canada. I have been collecting teddy bears all of my life, but REALLY started building my collection in 1995. I now have a variety of bears in my "hug" and I am also starting to create bears myself. I MUST have a few hundred teddy bears currently, and MANY more teddy-related items such as the Boyd's Bears resin pieces, etc. I enjoy reading magazines like Teddy Bear Review; Teddy Bear & Friends as well as Canadian Teddy Bear News. I prefer to collect limited edition; Canadian exclusive; OR mohair artist bears, but will collect anything that really just catches my eye. I collect teddies of all types, but prefer bears with the more modern & whimsical appearance over the more traditionally styled bears. Although My Steiff collection keeps getting added to, so I guess I DO like the traditional bears after all.

Some Of The Bears I Collect:

I collect manufactured bears from companies like Steiff, Deans, Grisly, Deb Canham, TY, Boyd's Bears; Russ; Puffy Lane and Ganz Cottage Collectables. I also collect artist bears...One of my favourite artists being Cheryl Ross of Cherbears. She was the artist who inspired me to venture out into the world of teddy bear making. Sally Winey, who originally designed bears for TY Inc., is also another of my favourite teddy artists. I also currently have bears in my collection from Sue Ann Holcomb, Anja McGowan, Donna Lee Wilson, Susan Redstreake Geary, Georgia Fox Yeager and Deborah Stewart

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q.D.paToOtieS said...

I was just reading this and noticed you mentioned Sally Winey. I have one of Sally's first bears called Kuzzy Ken. I bought him back when I owned a bear shop. Fast forward 5 years later. I took my first bear making class from Sally Winey!

One of the greatest things about collecting/owning artist bears is if you stay with one artist, watching how that person evolves over time. The other is enjoying how many different faces a teddy bear can have through each person's individual touch.

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