Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Cat's Meow?

So, after struggling for God knows how long to get my first self-designed pattern created, I have finally succeeded! The only problem being, it isn't even a teddy bear pattern! You see, a friend of mine requested an artist version of her real life kitty named Felix, so I put my drawing skills to the test and came up with a design that I am actually quite proud of. It's nothing mind-blowing, but it's a start and that's what counts right? LoL. Anywho, it is a teddy bear style, sitting design with large feet and bent arms and I can't wait to get a rough test kitty sewn up. Let's hope he doesn't turn out looking too hideous, cause I may be heartbroken after all the work I put into it. Pics will be posted on here if (and when) I ever get around to actually making the poor fluffy little kitten!

Take Care,

PS - I hope the weather is nicer where you are. It's been raining cats and dogs off and on for two day now and that doesn't make for a very happy/creative environment...Yuck!


Tammy said...

Jeremy, that is great that you designed your first pattern. It is always hard and often doesn't look like you expect when made in 3D. Sometimes worse or sometimes better but don't be discouraged if it isn't what you expect. You are right, it is a start and I can't wait to see pictures if/when you get it sewn. Keep designing !

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, I look forward to seeing your kitty creation! Great job in designing your own pattern! Sometimes I will make up a pattern and then realize that I don't like something about the finished I tweak the pattern here and tweak it there...guess I'm never quite satisfied! :-)

Юсик said...

Jeremy, I'm working on my cat pattern too! I made a head and now struggling with her body and legs.
But I like the head. Does anyone collects heads, I wonder???? LOL

My T.B. Hug

Art By Paulina Cassidy

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