Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mohair Divas Social Network

I am pleased to announce that one of my online teddy bear pals, Kelly Dauterman of Blondheart Arts has announced a new online social networking site called Mohair Divas. The site allows members to create their own personal page, a discussion forum and a place to post pics of their newest creations! I personally believe that within a short time the community will be the best, busiest place online for fellow teddy bear artists/makers to meet and swap ideas and stories. Such a GREAT idea.

Visit The Community At : http://mohairdivas.ning.com/

Huge Kudos To You Kelly,



Kelly said...

Thank you Jeremy, it's so nice of you to post about my new endeavor! I hope everyone loves it and helps to make it simply magical!

Hugs, K.

Matilda said...

I just joined Jer.
If it wasnt posted here on your blog I would never have known it existed. ..duh! haha

My T.B. Hug

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