Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Decisions, Decisions!!!

The Big Moving Day Is Quickly Approaching. At This Point, I'm Unsure If I Will Be Moving In With My Parents Into Their New House Or Moving Into A House I'm Hoping To Buy. I'm Just Starting To Realize The Massive Amounts of Ummmm "Stuff" I Have Acquired Over The Last Several Years. Teddy Bears Galore Everywhere I Look, Bear Making Materials That Are Just Calling To Be Used (Finally) And Just Knick Knacks And Stuff I Have Decided Would Be A Good Idea (In My Mind) To Hoard. Stuff That I Told Myself I Would Use When I Bought It, Yet Years Later Lay In Piles Across My Room Waiting To Be Boxed. Now, The House I Currently Have An Offer On, Is By No Means A Large House. Six Hundred Square Feet And A Collection Worthy Of It's Own Wing In A Teddy Bear Museum, Just Doesn't Add Up. Now I'm At The Point Where I Have To Decide. Do I Put Most Of My Stuff In Storage Or Would Now Be An Ideal Time To Sort Through And Decide What I Might Want To Part With. I Always Told Myself That I Could Never Sell Any Of My Collection. Each Piece Represents Years Of Dedicated Collecting. Oh What Ever Shall I Do? Decisions, Decisions!

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Heather said...

I wish you luck! The "moving cleanout frenzy" is one of the most hectic times ever!

My T.B. Hug

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