Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Golden Teddy Award Nominees

Here is a Complete List of Golden Teddy Award Nominees for 2008. Congrats to Everyone Nominated, Everyone's Work This Year Look's Phenomenal!!! Keep an Eye Out For a Future Issue of Teddy Bear Review Magazine for Your Voting Ballot for the Golden Teddy Awards 2008. Good Luck to All of My Teddy Talk Friends!!!


Undressed, 5 inches & Under

Jack by Samantha Potter, Mary Myrtle Miniatures
Little Eliza by Jennifer Johnson-Bunn, Three O'Clock Bears
Knut with his child comforter by Erika Knirsch, Crunchy Bears
Peek-a-Boo! by Dona Griffin, Donna & the Bears
Whitford by Laraine White
Sleepy Bear Cub "Choco-Ball" by Kumiko & Masaru Nakano, Ma'Sal Creations

Dressed/Accessorized, 5 inches & under

Pollyanna by Ruth Bowman
Rachael by Samantha Potter, Mary Myrtle Miniatures
Marina by Berta Hesern-Minten, ThReAdTeDs
Milo by Tracey Smith
Laura Mae by Judith Scott, Chubby B & Friends
Beppo by Christine Pike, Christine Pike Bears

BEARS – Undressed, over 5 & under 14 inches

Spencer by Christine Pike, Christine Pike Bears
Old Mellow by Lisa Rosenbaum, Oz Matilda Bear Company
Kade by Tammy Wamboldt, Beckoning Bears
Happy by Judi Paul, Luxembears
Byron by Alison McKee, eTeddys
Kaja by Silvia Gilles

BEARS – Dressed/Accessorized, over 5 & under 14 inches

I've Got Mail by Laraine White
Victoria by Christy Firmage, Christy's Bears
Cupid by Isabelle Lee, Bear Studio Inc.
Claire by Donna Griffin, Donna & the Bears
Dixie by Bonnie E Foster, The Kids & Teddy Too
Otis by Karen Salton, Rufnut Teddys

BEARS – Undressed, 14 inches & over

Rapael by Jennifer Johnson-Bunn, Three O'clock Bears
Snickerdoodle by Alison McKee, eTeddys
Sterling by Tami Eveslage, Tami Eveslage Original Teddy Bears & Dolls
Chocolate Thunder by Judi Paul, Luxembears
Travis by Yvonne Andrew
Tok by Sherry Shepardson, Sherr-Bear

BEARS – Dressed/Accessorized, 14 inches & over

Muriel by Kerrie Mouat, Best Dressed Bears
Ice King by Martha Burch, Martha's Bears
Mrs. Nieman & Marcus by Diana Ussery, Diana's Merry Bears
Adela by Eun-Sook Ma, Mina Bear
Baylee by Cathy Lynn Forcino
Slider by Karen Salton, Rufnut Teddys

BEARS – SOFT-SCULPTURE/PLUSH ANIMALS – All other non-bear plush/soft-sculpture animals

Red Panda by Silvia Gilles
Aviva by Ellen Borggreve, Ellen Borggreve Design
Walter by Shelly Allison
Jambi, A Young Organgutan by Jane Martin, Doodlebears
Siberian Girl by Judi Paul, Luxembears
Ava (Chihuahua Puppy) by Krista Griffiths

BEARS – Needle-felted/sculpted animals - All animals, including bears

North Meets South: High Five! by Roberta Kasnick Ripperger, Creative Design Studio
Ginger by Patricia Knight
Charlie by Janine Galante, CTE LTD.
Wind Spirit by Patricia E Bierer, Bierer's Bears

CATEGORY: Tableaux
Snow Princess by Judi Paul, Luxembears
The Scorcer's New Apprentice by Beverly White, Happy Tymes Collectibles
I Love Mammy by Eun-Sook Ma, Mina Bear
Whose Little Baby is so Pretty by ByungHwa Ahn
My Baby by Yuk Oae Park, Baccana Teddy
Just a Quick Catnap by Aiko Kawamoto, AICO Bear

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Carol said...

Glad to know maria collins and isabelle lee are doing well.

As you can see on our website both artists are popular in the charlie bears collections.

My T.B. Hug

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