Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2008 TOBY Industry Choice Award Winners

The 2008 TOBY Industry Choice Award Winner's Were Announced At IDEX Premiere in Orlando Florida at the TOBY Breakfast Event on Saturday Jan. 26th, 2008. The Complete List Can Be Read Below. Congrats To My MANY Teddy Talk Friends Who Were Nominated This Year! Make Sure To Cast Your Votes For The Public's Choice Winners. The Ballot Form Will Be Included With The May/June Issue of Teddy Bear and Friends, Which Will Hit Newsstand's in April.

Miniature Artist Bear, Dressed
Aki Amano, “Autumn”
Mariane Haarink-Getkate, “Ready for the Skating Party”
Maggie Spackman, “Malibu”
Berta Hesen-Minten, “Marina”
Samantha Potter, “John”

Miniature Artist Bear, Undressed
Erika Knirsch, “Knut and His Child Comforter”
Donna Griffin, “Wee Much, Acorn Gatherer”
Kumiko & Masaru Nakano, “Pomo”
Bobbie Ripperger, “North Meets South: High Five”
Samantha Potter, “Laura-Kate”

Small Artist Bear, Dressed
Maria Collin, “Any Requests?”
Karen Brady Hammontree, “Lily & Tattered Bunny”
Bonnie Foster, “Dixie”
Denise Purrington, “Dale”
Kelly Dean, “Edwin”

Small Artist Bear, Undressed
Lisa Rosenbaum, “Old Mellow”
Alison McKee, “Byron”
Judi Paul, “Happy”
Kumiko & Masaru Nakano, “Choco-Ball”
Teri Crews, “Bliss”

Large Artist Bear, Dressed
Martha Burch, “Ice King”
Eun Sook Ma, “Adela”
Ed Spencer, “Frankie & Lion”
Susan Bergan, “Colonel Mayfield”
Donna Butts, “Walking with Opa"

Large Artist Bear, Undressed
Yuk Oae Park, “Hi”
Paula Carter, “Billy Buttons”
Ellen Borggreve, “Marbles”
Ed Spencer, “Gavin”
Jane Monroe, “Punkin Panda”

Artist Vignette
Kelly Dean, “Don Quixote, Sancho & Rosinate”
Deb Canham, “Midnight Journey”
Mikki Klug, “Wanna Play?”
Samantha Potter, “Sleigh Ride”
Judi Paul, “Snow Bear Princess”

Artist “Friends”
Aiko Kawamoto, “Misty”
Marsha Friesen, “Romper”
Jennifer Laing, “Scrat”
Krista Griffiths, “Ava”
Yuk Oae Park, “Sloth with Baby”

Artist Creation, Nontraditional Materials
Mikki Klug, “Toot”
Marge Wiese, “Princess Cali”
Patricia Cabrera, “Bedtime Stories Rabbit Set”
Kim Russell, “Irwin & Croc”
Donna Griffin, “Hamish & Fergus Celebrate the Year of the Pig”

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