Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bears For A Cause

For the second year in a row, Jenny Johnson of Three O'Clock Bears is organizing the Breast Cancer Care Pink Bear Draw. The tickets will be on sale from September to October and are £5.00 each. This year, there are five bears to be won from well-known artists Jenny Johnson, Yvonne Andrews, Victoria Allum, Samantha Potter and Melanie Jayne Culshaw. All five bears are just gorgeous and all the proceeds from the raffle will go towards Breast Cancer Care services. To help support a wondeful cause and for the chance to add one of the bears to your hug, more info on how to contact Jenny can be found at:


As many of us have known for years, teddy bears can provide hope and comfort. So make a difference, buy your tickets today...


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Bren Landers-Smith said...

Great cause, great bears - hurrah for my friend Jenny!

Jeremy, my blog address is different now, I rebuilt it. It is now LaDeDaRoseGarden.blogspot.com. My old one on your list is gone.

Nice to see you on FaceBook too! Love your photos!

Brenda Landers-Smith
La De Da' Bears

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